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Kimberly on LeaBlackInk: The Best Vacation You’ll Never Take!

Kimberly Friedmutter - Kimberly StevensKimberly shares inspiration for reclaiming your space and bringing balance back to yourself on LeaBlackInk. Read her article to regain perspective during this hectic holiday season and realign with your inner motivations. Learn how a staycation can elevate you and be the best vacation you ever take:

Ohhhh Holidays! We dream of sandy beaches, snowy peaks and the nurturing flatlands between them. Our inner nomad wanders through pamphlets of far-a-way places, exotic locales and the intriguing sound of foreign language. The smell of flavorful spices, woven fabrics and unfamiliar customs lure our routine thoughts away from the mundane life we know.

Unfamiliar, un-familial, un-family is subconsciously what you could be feeling. Excusez- moi? Holidays = family…

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