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Kimberly Friedmutter is an internationally-acclaimed Life Management Expert, Celebrity Hypnotist, Goddess of Greatest Gadgets, Trendsetter and- most recently- a Reality Television Star.

Kimberly Stevens

Kimberly Friedmutter

Kimberly Stevens blog Kimberly Friedmutter is the star of Sin City Rules

Born and raised in Texas, her passion for beauty began early with her international modeling career at age 14.  Living in various places throughout Europe, Kim collected artifacts and home goods while developing a keen sense of space and home. Her gift for helping others through Life Management and Hypnosis blossomed along with her creation and hosting of a hit talk radio program on KLSX 97.1 FM in Los Angeles.

Meeting her husband, international architect and designer, Brad Friedmutter, would bring her to Las Vegas where they have created their “Shangri-La” in Las Vegas home oasis appropriately named, Shangri-Las Vegas.  As seen in their monastic personal residence, the Friedmutters believe furnishings and surroundings carry energy with them, and enjoy helping others develop spatial comfort in their own homes in their new Shangri-Las Vegas Home Collection.

Adding a new life chapter and the opportunity to share Kimberly’s “Expect The Exceptional” life philosophy, the dynamic duo was approached by television producers to appear in the Discovery Network’s new TLC reality show, “Sin City Rules”, featuring the powerful women of influence in Las Vegas.  Known as the “sensibly edgy” character, Kimberly sails through the show’s first season- filled with drama, tears and surprises- with charm and the help of more than few “double tequila on the rocks- the best you’ve got”.


Brad and Kimberly Friedmutter, formerly Kimberly Stevens

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