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Kimberly Friedmutter

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Subconscious Power: Use Your Inner Mind to Create the Life You’ve Always Wanted

Learn how to activate the raw power of your subconscious to create the life you’ve always wanted, using six essential lessons from Kimberly Friedmutter CHt, one of the world’s most renowned hypnotherapists.

Dive into your subconscious.

Discover how to tap into your subconscious to:

  • manage stress
  • normalize sleep habits
  • quit smoking
  • build confidence
  • achieve fitness goals
  • overcome addictions
  • develop accountability
  • release bad habits
  • get motivated
  • achieve peak performance
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Subconscious Power

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The power to design the life of your dreams lies within you, in your subconscious mind

Kimberly Friedmutter reveals her Six Principles.

The  six principles  I  use  to  improve  the  lives  of  my  high-performing  clientele  are  now  available  to  you!

Let  me  be  your  guide  as  you  learn  to  align  your  conscious  mind  with  your  subconscious  desires.  With Subconscious Power, you will learn practical tips, three-minute hacks, and inspiring success stories. You’ll have the tools you need in order to no longer be a passive participant in a life you don’t love; rather, you’ll choose the life you truly desire. I have helped business leaders, influencers, and celebrities to reach their potential and I want you to have everything you want in life, too.

Your subconscious mind is the seed of your power—a pure resource you can tap. Learn to unmask what’s between you and your goals, clearly see what you truly desire, and live the exceptional life you deserve.

Yours  in  mindfulness,  gratitude,  and  abundance,

Kimberly Friedmutter




George Strait

Judge Judy Sheindlin

Andrea Bocelli

Jennifer Hudson

Jay Leno

Carrot Top

Gabrielle Bernstein

Mike Tyson


"An enlightening read for those willing to dismiss cynicism for insight into self-sabotaging obstacles.”

Library Journal

“Kimberly Friedmutter shares secrets on how to navigate life’s hurdles and reach goals in her now book, Subconscious Power: Use Your Inner Mind to Create the Life You’ve Always Wanted. By guiding readers on how to tap into personal power, she gives the courage to achieve positive, lasting change and live the life they’ve dreamed about.”

In Touch

“Dreams become reality with help from Kimberly Friedmutter’s new book, Subconscious Power. In the $26 tome, the hypnotherapist to the stars shares her secrets to navigating life’s hurdles, achieving all kinds of goals—from losing weight to getting a promotion!—and, ultimately, living up to your potential.”

Life and Style

“Unlock your greatest potential with Kimberly Friedmutter’s new book, Subconscious Power. The hypnotherapist to the stars shares her tricks and tips for living your best life. Whether it’s losing weight, getting that job promotion or letting go of unnecessary clutter that’s bringing you down, Kimberly is here to help you achieve it all.”


"Kimberly and I share the same philosophy. Often the teacher, always the student."

Martha Stewart

"Kimberly, you inspire women to be better versions of themselves!"

Jennifer Hudson

"This nourishing and healing book offers gentle wisdom that will elevate the happiness quotient of its readers through the discovery and expression of the innate love-capacities of the human heart and spirit."

Michael Bernard Beckwith

"You are an amazing, amazing woman, Kimberly. Great work!"

Quincy Jones

"Inspirational, dynamic! A perfect read about stardom and the Hollywood elite. Kimberly knows the celebrity mind. A great share from this Hollywood insider. She knows the pulse of Hollywood, a must-read for the high performer."

In Touch Magazine

"For anyone that needs to ignite the champion within, I urge you to read Kimberly's words of wisdom."

Mike Tyson

"If you can't trust yourself, who can you trust? Read this book and learn to trust yourself."

George Lopez

"I dig the tutu thing, especially in the name of enlightenment! Creative, intelligent, and most of all, a spectacular read about what makes us special. Kimberly inspires and delivers. Gingers rock!'

Carrot Top

"Great job, Kimberly!"

Nicolas Cage

Book Cover

Subconscious Power

Use Your Inner Mind to Create the Life You've Always Wanted

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Why I Wrote the Book Subconscious Power

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