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Kimberly on LeaBlackInk: Rebooting Friendville

Kimberly Friedmutter

Kimberly FriedmutterAs the new year approaches, Kimberly shares an empowering perspective on navigating friends, frenemies and foes. Read about what she calls Friendville and let her open your mind to choosing friends who can elevate you:

Surprisingly, like holiday deco balls, brand new and shiny friends are making their way onto New Year’s Resolution Lists for 2015. Why are so many rebooting their CONTACTS list? Could it be the continual fighting of Real Housewives? Time limitations? The search for a higher calling?

The friend-trend is on and we are no longer ‘what we eat’ rather ‘who we tweet!’ I call it Friendville. It’s a curious place where everyone comes to play or at least watch people play. Never have our friends…

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