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Star Sightings in Las Vegas

Kimberly Friedmutter was among the philanthropists and supporters at an Evening to Save Lives at the Westgate Hotel in Las Vegas, hosted by Jackie and David Siegel. The gala was organized to raise awareness and funding for the Victoria Siegel Foundation, a charity whose goal is to end the teen opioid crisis.

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Pretty Progressive

5 Leading Books to Get Dads Excited About Feminism

The editors of Pretty Progressive have selected five outstanding nonfiction reads to inspire and empower the men in our lives who support and participate in the feminist movement—whether you’re looking for a great book to give your dad for his birthday or Father’s Day, or just to show you love and appreciate him….

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Daily Mail

Celebrity Hypnotherapist Kimberly Friedmutter Attends the Victoria’s Voice Gala

Kimberly Friedmutter, author of Subconscious Power and hypnotherapist to the stars, came out in support of Victoria’s Voice—An Evening to Save Lives, hosted by Jackie and David Siegel at the Westgate Las Vegas Resort and Casino. The Victoria Siegel Foundation raised $1.3 million to fund Victory Clubs, a new initiative that rewards students for staying drug-free.

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Business Talk Radio

Kimberly Friedmutter, Certified Hypnotherapist, on Business Talk Radio

Corporate mindset strategist Kimberly Friedmutter talks about the inherent interest in well-being among business leaders, the recent cultural focus on the mind, and the trend of corporations adopting programs of mindfulness and wellness in order to benefit their employees—and their bottom lines.

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Deluxe Version

Zoning Out (and in) with Subconscious Power Author Kimberly Friedmutter

Certified hypnotherapist Kimberly Friedmutter talks with Deluxe Version magazine’s Stacey Gualandi about all things subconscious, including how to learn about who you are and how to get what you want in life!

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Well + Good

Take a Tour of the Subconscious with a Celebrity Hypnotherapist

Sit in on a hypnotherapy session with “What the Wellness?” host Ella Dove in which Kimberly Friedmutter introduces her to the wellness practice of hypnotism in order to make some positive changes in her life. After the session, Dove said, “sitting with someone who is…entirely focused on you and your problem, and really focusing on it and thinking about all of your issues and the positive way to get through them was really great. So, definitely worth it.”



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Philosophy Is Approachable with These Awesome Beginner Books

Boove contributor James Jackson set Subconscious Power at the top of this list of books he recommends for those curious about philosophy and open to insights to enhance their lives. He says, “Subconscious Power not only teaches readers about their own capacity for excellence but shows readers easy-to-do exercises (each 3 minutes or less) to alleviate stress, anxiety, sleeplessness, phobias, addictions, and more. These techniques have been used by Hollywood’s top stars, titans of industry and readers worldwide to overcome anxiety before it ever begins.”

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InTouch Rugby

Back to University, Campus Essentials

Snacks? Yes. Speakers for their dorm room? Yes. Subconscious Power? Definitely!

Sending a care package to your college kid? Kimberly Friedmutter’s bestselling book Subconscious Power: Use Your Inner Mind to Create the Life You’ve Always Wanted is a must-have for your university students to excel at school.

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Forget Self-Help: Business Execs Are Paying Up to $1,000 an Hour for Hypnosis

Learn how Kimberly Friedmutter works with business leaders and entrepreneurs, and take a front-row to seat to a Hypnotic Hack with CNBC Senior Reporter Jade Scipioni. Kimberly guides Jade with visualization and sensorial techniques that leave her feeling “charged up” and ready to take on a new project with energy and confidence.

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11:11 Talk Radio with Simran Singh

Kimberly Friedmutter on 11:11 Talk Radio with Simran Singh

In this in-depth interview, Kimberly Friedmutter explains how your subconscious is your superpower—and how looking inside yourself can provide the answers and the enlightenment you need to live a life you love.

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