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Kimberly Friedmutter, Kimberly Stevens, Brad Friedmutter, TimeToSpa Kimberly quoted in “Beauty Is More Than Skin Deep” In the Spring 2014 issue of timetospa magazine, Kimberly was quoted in “Beauty Is More Than Skin Deep” article written by Nikki Moustaki. Kimberly Friedmutter, Ch.t, a life management expert from Las Vegas nV, says that a brain at rest … Continue reading
Kimberly Friedmutter, Kimberly Stevens, Brad Friedmutter Jet Set Architect Brad Friedmutter Revving up for a busy year of good fortune! Non-stop travel becomes a way of life when you meet the opportunity with dedication and integrity. Brad discusses his philosophies, what makes him grateful and the immense respect he has for … Continue reading
Kimberly on LeaBlackInk: Gorgeous on the Inside If you want to enhance your health and glow from the inside out, try this recipe from Indonesia straight from the medicine man himself, Ketut Liyer of Eat, Pray, Love! Kimberly spent valuable time with her guru while visiting Bali … Continue reading
Narsie On! Kimberly Friedmutter ‘Narsie’, the New Term for Posting Selfies on Social Media Kimberly coined the term ‘Narsie’ for posted selfies on social media. Learn why narcissism is healthy when it comes to sharing your selfies with the world. You’ll be surprised to know what your ‘narsies’ really mean and why you shouldn’t … Continue reading
Kimberly Friedmutter Kimberly’s Interview with – Fitness Insights from a Life Management Hypnotist If you’ve ever wanted to know how to get your mind ‘on board’ to meet your fitness goals, Kimberly gives her insights into mindset and staying fit. Learn from her tricks of the trade about what can keep you both … Continue reading
Kimberly Friedmutter Kimberly on LeaBlackInk: The Beautiful State of ‘Who knows’? Kimberly explains why ‘certainty’ goes against her basic advice! If you’ve ever ended a relationship or friendship because of information you thought you knew, think again! Kimberly opens us up to other notables who share how damaging, certainty can be. … Continue reading
Manage Wedding-Planning Stress Kimberly contributes to Brides magazine with counsel as a certified master hypnotist and life management expert. She shares a proven technique for managing stress and advice for applying it during stress-inducing times that inevitably occur while planning your wedding: Wedding … Continue reading
Kimberly Friedmutter Kimberly on LeaBlackInk: Rebooting Friendville As the new year approaches, Kimberly shares an empowering perspective on navigating friends, frenemies and foes. Read about what she calls Friendville and let her open your mind to choosing friends who can elevate you: Surprisingly, like holiday deco balls, … Continue reading
Kimberly on LeaBlackInk: The Best Vacation You’ll Never Take! Kimberly shares inspiration for reclaiming your space and bringing balance back to yourself on LeaBlackInk. Read her article to regain perspective during this hectic holiday season and realign with your inner motivations. Learn how a staycation can elevate you and … Continue reading
Support from Your Friends Kimberly Friedmutter, Life Management Expert, shares valuable information about getting help from friends when you need it most. Find out how to engage your support circle during life’s challenges in a healthy and helpful way. Read more at American Grandparents … Continue reading
Kimberly shares expertise on LeaBlackInk – Holiday ‘Piece of Mind’ Kimberly writes another article for the LeaBlackInk Beauty, Lifestyle, and Fashion website. Kimberly writes: Here come the Holidays! Perhaps you refer to them as Hell-idays? Waves of responsibility, end-of-year deadlines, super human expectation to act as Captain, navigating everyone’s fun ship … Continue reading
Jillettes honored at Opportunity Village gala By DOROTHY HUFFEY LAS VEGAS REVIEW-JOURNAL Penn and Emily Jillette were honored Nov. 8 during the Camelot-themed fundraiser at Opportunity Village’s Magical Forest. Sixty years ago, seven families came together for support, because no school or social service programs were … Continue reading
Kimberly Friedmutter Featured in LeaBlackInk: Feeling Jealous? Say ‘thank you!’ Kimberly shares insight weekly on the LeaBlackInk website. Kimberly writes “In the ever-evolving state of ‘I want’, aspirations are primal. Do you find yourself wanting to do more; be more; feel more? Great news! Your natural drive is activated to achieve … Continue reading
Kimberly Friedmutter and Lea Black at Gala in Miami The Black’s Gala in Miami Miami royalty stepped out tonight! The Black’s, Estefan’s, Seigel’s, Aretha and Flo-Rida raised funds to keep children safe, healthy and educated.  Both a silent and live auction had bidding wars starting at guest tables all to support the tireless efforts … Continue reading
SLS Red Carpet Sam Nazarian did it again with another beautiful property, adding L.A. favorites to the vibrancy of Las Vegas! Fred Segal, here we come! While we wish Fred Segal improved health and well being, his boutiques are much appreciated and we … Continue reading
What’s in Your Bag? Featuring Kimberly Kimberly Friedmutter, hypnotist and consultant to Hollywood’s A-list. On the go, Kimberly’s bag is her connection to comfort even with something furry! A creature of comfort herself, she makes her mark on the world by hypnotizing the rich and famous … Continue reading
The Single Life: 6 Scientifically Proven Perks Of Being Single And Ready To Mingle Although singledom can feel lonesome and boring as you repeatedly watch rom-coms in hopes of finding the same perfect ending, being single and ready to mingle has a long list of scientifically proven benefits. Find out what expert Kimberly Friedmutter … Continue reading
Thinking About Divorce? 3 Important MUST DO’s Before Taking the Plunge Kimberly’s advice on separation and divorce from her published article on Like millions of Americans, you find you are unhappily married and ready to file for divorce or legal separation. Not uncommon and growing in numbers, divorce takes its … Continue reading
Here’s How You Can Vacation Like a Celeb This Summer   Read the rest of the article >>  
Kimberly explains driver’s ‘animal behavior’ related to road rage Road rage is caught on camera more often and drivers are reacting violently when necessary. Did you ever wonder what to do when a driver goes crazy? Is it better to aggress or retreat? Find out what expert Kimberly Friedmutter … Continue reading
Create the Perfect Party Platter With Ingredients Already in Your Fridge!             See rest of the article >>
Philip Seymour Hoffman Tragedy falls on Hollywood.  Kimberly Friedmutter shares her expertise on Phil’s tragic decline and untimely death.  
Pre-Oscar OK Magazine party The Friedmutter’s were guests at Greystone in Los Angeles.  Although the rain in LA had everyone running for the tented Red Carpet, most stayed dry with help from well appointed limousine drivers ready to lend a hand, not one curl … Continue reading
Kimberly Friedmutter and Jenna Willis Great minds dress alike!  The two red heads bonded over fuschia at the OK Magazine Pre-Oscar party.  Neon much?  These too firey girls know that pink is the new black!  Never afraid to be noticed, the girls laughed about thier … Continue reading
Kimberly Friedmutter and Joanna Krupa at OK Magazine’s Pre-Oscar party Kimberly Friedmutter and Joanna Krupa at OK Magazine’s Pre-Oscar party. No one loves married life like the Friedmutter’s so Joanna and Kimberly had plenty to keep them chatting since Joanna’s recent marriage to Romain. The Friedmutter’s frequent Miami often, so … Continue reading
OK Magazine Pre-Grammy Party 2014 Kimberly Friedmutter, Gretchen Rossi and Taylor Armstrong couldn’t stop visiting too long for photos but the girls enjoyed hearing about Taylor’s new life in Colorado with fiance, John Bluher.  Kennedy is growing up and Taylor’s smile is a 1000 watter … Continue reading
OK Magazine Pre-Oscar Party Gilles Marini and the Friedmutters had a miniature Dancing with the Stars dance-a-thon!  Gilles and Brad enjoy a ‘man-crush’ and Kimberly loves that these boys know how to enjoy a night out.
Pre-Oscar Party with OK Magazine Lisa Vanderpump served her sangria and the cast of Vanderpump Rules weren’t ruling out having their share! The Friedmutter’s enjoyed tiny fruit skewers of raspberries, pineapple and blueberries with each pour of the newly released beverage. The bottle is beautiful … Continue reading
Siegfried and Roy visit with the Friedmutters The magical duo have alot in common with the couple, they love their animals! Brad and Kimberly’s managerie is definitely eclipsed by Seigfried and Roy but  they love talking about them.  Siefried and Roy recently lost the love of their … Continue reading
Kimberly on Work Ethic  Get your dose of work ethic from Kimberly Friedmutter.  She shares her opinions with readers who are looking to expand out of their current workplace. Read full article
Why You Should Go Without Makeup Kimberly Friedmutter’s expert advice on Why You Should Go Without Makeup.  Her advice might just surprise you.  Be inspired to have clean and healthy skin because according to Kimberly, beauty is far beyond skin deep! Read the post.
OK Magazine Pre-Grammy Party at Lure Nightclub Kimberly Friedmutter, Adrienne Maloof, Gretchen Rossi and Joyce Giraud play all night at Lure Nightclub in Hollywood. Adrienne brought her latest endeavor Zing to the party and the ‘lit’ bottle is really something to see! The girls love to get … Continue reading
Kimberly classifies Justin Bieber as a ‘MediaHolic’ “Justin Beiber is a mediaholic,” says celebrity management expert Kimberly Friedmutter. ”Attention seeking is a common problem for extroverts and a growing problem for Justin. He was the first and biggest overnight tech star. A product of social media, he’s addicted to ‘instant … Continue reading
Pre-Grammy party at Lure nightclub While Brad and Slade are checking out each other’s latest tech gadgets, Kimberly and Gretchen catch up on girlie girl things.  Kimberly and Gretchen enjoy sharing video’s each week on so check out ‘Think Like a Star with Kimberly … Continue reading
Pre-Grammy Party with Joanna Krupa Black is back as the girls show some skin and diamond skulls.  Jordan Sparks sang, entertaining the crowd of entertainers. “It’s a fun night when you can just relax and play with the girls” said Kimberly. “It’s like a little … Continue reading
Kimberly’s insights on men and divorce Women Listen Up!  Kimberly shares her latest relationship advice with Womans Day Magazine.  Check out her insights on men and divorce.  
Kimberly Friedmutter - Bethenny Show Kimberly Friedmutter Dishes with Bethenny about “Getting What You Want” Viewers tuned in today to the Bethenny Show to hear Life Management Expert & Celebrity Hypnotist, Kimberly Friedmutter, discuss the hot topic of marrying for money along with Millionaire Matchmaker, Patti Stanger. Is marrying for money smart or just a … Continue reading
Kimberly Friedmutter Teaches OK! Magazine How To Kaftan Like a Star Can one simple addition to your wardrobe help you think like a star? As Life Management Expert for OK! Magazine, Kimberly Friedmutter recently showed readers how to “kaftan” like a star. Kimberly explains the reason kaftans are so popular amongst … Continue reading
Angelina Looks Genuinely Joyful According to Kimberly Friedmutter – In Touch Magazine Recently, In Touch magazine asked life management expert and celebrity hypnotist, Kimberly Friedmutter, to offer her thoughts and opinions on Angelina Jolie’s appearance following her double mastectomy.  The Academy Award winning actress and mother of six stepped out on the … Continue reading
The Friedmutters Attend the Simon G. Jewelry Summer Soiree at the TAO Enjoying a Great Night of Superfab Entertainment and Jewels! Kimberly and Brad Friedmutter made an appearance at the Simon G. Jewelry Summer Soiree held at the TAO Nightclub in the Venetian Hotel & Casino.  Known as the “jeweler to the … Continue reading
Kimberly Friedmutter - KimFriedmutter Entertainment Tonight! It was nice meeting you too! Entertainment Tonight recently headed off to Las Vegas to meet with the powerhouse couple, Kimberly and Brad, Friedmutter, “stars in a town full of the rich and famous”.  After visiting the Friedmutter’s 10 million dollar yacht in Malibu, ET got … Continue reading
Kimberly Friedmutter Rocks Red Carpet at Star Magazine’s Hollywood Rocks Event Hollywood A-lister and celebrity hypnotist Kimberly Friedmutter rocked the red carpet at Star Magazine’s Hollywood Rocks Event at Playhouse Hollywood.
Kimberly Friedmutter Weighs in on the Jolie/Aniston Wedding Wars – Fox News Once again the media is pitting (no pun intended) celebrities, Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston, against one another.  This time it’s due to their impending nuptials to Brad Pitt, Aniston’s ex-husband, and Justin Theroux which are being planned as we … Continue reading
Design Your Home the Non-Traditional Way: She Knows Features Kimberly Friedmutter “What creates emotion is what you touch, taste and feel.” — Kimberly Friedmutter When designing your home or space, you may follow the customary rules and standards that most follow when creating a decor theme.  According a recent article in … Continue reading
Kimberly Friedmutter What Does A Day In The Life of Kimberly Friedmutter Look Like? has the answer.  The new “Day In The Life Of” magazine gave readers an in-depth experience to what a day in the life of Kimberly Friedmutter looks like. Check out the exclusive photo interview here:
Kimberly Friedmutter Stuns on Red Carpet at OK! Magazine Pre-Oscar Party Kimberly and Brad Friedmutter on the Red Carpet at OK! Magazine’s Annual Pre-Oscar Event held at the Emerson Theatre in Hollywood.
Cast A Spell On Your Lover! Tips For Mesmerizing Your Man on Who would know better how to make you man stay in love with you than a world-renowned celebrity hypnotist. Kimberly Friedmutter offers up simple tips on how to make your man fall in love and stay in love with you … Continue reading
Pregnant? Use Hypnosis to Help with the Stess and Cravings Expecting a baby can be a double-edged sword.  On one hand, you’re going to be blessed with a new life but on the other, your body is going to be plagued with nausea, fatigue, heartburn and food cravings.  Whether you’re … Continue reading
What Your Shoes Say About You Plain flats or sexy stilettos?  Flip-flops or cowboy boots?  These are the shoe decisions most women have to make everyday before leaving the house.  But what makes us choose what type of shoe over the other?  According to a recent … Continue reading
Hypnosis: A Perfect Tool For Weight Loss – Expert Beacon When a person wants to lose extra weight, typically dieting and exercising are the most common ways one goes about shedding the fat.  Some people even go to the extreme by consuming appetite suppressants or opt for surgery.  The problem … Continue reading
Good Wine & Good Friends We love good wine and great friends.  Napa Valley with Denise and Bill Martin is our idea of fun in Northern California.  Not only is it fun, but our visit to Martin Estates Vineyard got us the best case of … Continue reading
Kimberly Friedmutter Talks “Sin City” With Examiner Sin City Rules, TLC’s latest reality television series, may not be Real Housewives but it certainly has real women according to Kimberly Friedmutter, the show’s co-star.  Recently, Friedmutter spoke with Examiner magazine about Sin City Rules and how it differs … Continue reading
Kimberly Friedmutter Sits Down With WetPaint for a Sin City Rules Q & A What’s a nice girl like you doing on a tumultuous and drama-filled show like this?  That’s what Wet Paint Entertainment wanted to know when they sat down with celebrity hypnotist, life management expert and now the latest reality TV co-star … Continue reading
Huffington Post New Years Resolutions for Home “Shangri-Las Vegas Style” New Year’s resolutions don’t necessarily need to be just about losing weight or quitting a bad habit.  Why not be different this year and start making over your home instead of yourself?  Perhaps if your home is looking fantastic, you … Continue reading
Kimberly Friedmutter Creates Friedmutter Holistic Life Center in Bahamas Kimberly Friedmutter, life management specialist and home decor expert, will be founding the Friedmutter Holistic Life Center in the Grand Bahamas.  According to an article recently published in The Nassau Guardian, Friedmutter’s center will add to the growing commercial and … Continue reading
Kimberly Friedmutter’s Exclusive with Hollywood Life Life management expert, celebrity hypnotist and recent co-star of TLC’s Sin City Rules, Kimberly Friedmutter, was recently interviewed by Hollywood Life, offering a look into what her life is like beyond the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas.  Friedmutter invited … Continue reading
Kimberly Friedmutter Featured in OK Magazine Life management expert, celebrity hypnotist and now co-star of Sin City Rules, Kimberly Friedmutter, was recently featured in OK Magazine offering her perspective on being a part of TLC’s newest reality television series. Friedmutter, who is married to famous Las … Continue reading
Enjoying a Nice View What you didn’t see was our space to sit and, well . . . space!  We love looking out.  Brad and I love to see this perfect time between daylight and dark when the bright sun is replaced by the … Continue reading
Hollywood Couture Meets Sin City I love Mark and Estel! I have a “thing” about supporting local designers wherever I happen to be living.  Not only is it the right thing to do, it’s a fun way to explore and discover all the great talent … Continue reading
Hypnosis Can Help Create a Healthy Lifestyle Some of us engage in behaviors that can be harmful and unhealthy, such as overeating and smoking.   Perhaps you have issues with insomnia, stress, or irrational fears.  Hypnosis, defined as an artificially induced trance state resembling sleep, can be … Continue reading
Ring In the New Year With Style From Shagri-Las Vegas We are constantly changing in life!  But sometimes our inner changes are not reflected in our surroundings.  Perhaps you want to make changes in your life but just don’t know where to start.  Our suggestion is to decorate your home … Continue reading
Keeping Your Emotions Balanced At Work Regardless of where you work or what you do for a living, the workplace can be a very stressful environment.  Venting your frustrations or displaying antagonistic behavior when triggered can lead to serious repercussions.  So what can you do to … Continue reading
3 Rules to Break When Decorating Your Home- Huffington Post Brad and Kimberly Friedmutter’s Shangri-Las Vegas was recently featured on Huffington Post’s “3 Rules to Break When Decorating Your Home”. “In order to create the emotional response you want for the rooms in your home, you’re going to have to … Continue reading
Holiday Wishes (and decor ideas) from Shangri-Las Vegas When decorating for the holidays, is less more?  Kimberly Friedmutter is a firm believer that MORE is more, and suggests using the unexpected to decorate for the holidays.  “When I first saw these fun giraffes, I fell in love.”, says … Continue reading
Puppies Make Great Pets I often judge character, right or wrong, by how someone treats precious creatures.  It doesn’t mean you have to own a a pet; but how you deal with animals says a lot about you.  I like it when souls are … Continue reading
Inspired To Be Colorful With the holiday season approaching and TLC’s Sin City Rules airing its second episode, Brad and I decided to get away and relax for a bit.  So we headed to the Bahamas where the two of us could unwind and … Continue reading
Sin City Rules Red Carpet Premiere Party Chippendale dancers, drag queens, and Sin City Rules, oh my!  Kimberly Friedmutter appeared at the red carpet premiere party of Sin City Rules along with her husband, Brad, and her fellow cast members.  This star-studded event, which included boxing pro, … Continue reading
Fun and Simple Ways to Decorate With Elegance Get creative and do something unexpected while decorating for the holidays!  Food is a fun, easy and inexpensive way to utilize the festive, bright colors of the holidays.  Try these simple tips to make your home look joyful and elegant: … Continue reading
Our First Date I just finished a phone interview about relationships and intuition.  I’m a good one to speak to on this subject since I used my intuition to meet Brad.  Well, the matchmaker had the initial energy behind it but once I … Continue reading
How Hypnotherapy Can Help Your Smoking Addiction The decision to quit smoking may be easy, but actually giving up the nicotine habit may be downright impossible.  Patches, medications, the “cold turkey” approach and other smoking cessation methods can be effective but are not always successful, especially in … Continue reading
Kisses to the Cast and Crew of Sin City Rules Holidays are a fun and exiting time but unfortunately you sometimes have to spend them apart from your friends.  In the rush to decorate, shop for gifts, and visit family, routines are disrupted and chaos ensues.  It’s both exhilarating and … Continue reading
What You Need to Know About Hypnotherapy – Expert Beacon Need to lose weight or quit smoking; perhaps you just have a personal issue that needs resolution?  Hypnotherapy may be the answer for you; however, there are several things you need to know before you make that appointment.  Recently, Expert … Continue reading
What I Know We carry energy with us.  Objects do too!  Isn’t it amazing that if an item was in a monastery, it has a different energy than if it was in a courtroom?  People are the same way.  There is an energetic … Continue reading
What Parents Need to Know About Photo-Obsessed Kids – Loop 21 Are children becoming photo obsessed or are the parents the real problem?  According to a recent article on, kids are not only getting progressively better at taking and posting pictures, they are also becoming too fixated on their appearance.  … Continue reading
Greetings From Brad and Foster I love the production process and the filming of Sin City Rules.  Kimberly and I travel a lot for my business but the times when we are home were great while the show was in production.  The crew, who I … Continue reading
Dear Shopper, Find Your Happy! It’s the little things in life that bring the most joy, don’t you think?  I love what this resort left for us on our bed linens (you guessed it, we’re traveling again).  What happens if you try this at home? … Continue reading
Kimberly Friedmutter - Kimberly Stevens Las Vegas Friedmutter Day October 23rd is announced ‘Kimberly and Brad Friedmutter Day’ according to a Proclamation made by Las Vegas Mayor, Oscar Goodman. “Oscar Goodman declared that day ‘our’ day in honor of our wedding.”, explains Kimberly Friedmutter.  “He has been a long … Continue reading
Why Women Are Worse At Saving For Retirement- Loop21 Are women worse than men at saving for retirement?  According to a recent article on, women are increasingly the breadwinners in their households, but a recent report finds that they are worse at saving for retirement than their male counterparts. … Continue reading
Kimberly and Brad Friedmutter Celebrate Camelot to Benefit Local Charity Each year Opportunity Village, one of the most regarded charities in Southern Nevada, dazzles guests for a VIP tour and black tie gala to open the Magical Forest. As longtime community supporters, Brad and Kimberly Friedmutter celebrated with friends to … Continue reading
How To Go From Grief to Gratitude- Podcast on ITunes Is there a way to transform grief into gratitude?  Are tragic life situations an opportunity to bring grace and appreciation into your life? “In His Footsteps” recently interviewed Kimberly for a live podcast on “Gratitude for Spiritual and Emotional Healing”: … Continue reading
Thank You For Letting Us Shop the World For You Brad and I take tremendous pride in what we do.  Whether it’s Brad’s architecture business or my life management mentoring, we take our work life very seriously!  We take it so seriously that often times it follows us in our … Continue reading
Shangri-Las Vegas Goes Exotic Inspiration can come from anywhere.  Whether you are in Costa Rica with monkeys or watching the latest James Bond film, Skyfall, you can be inspired by what you are experiencing and create it for yourself at home!  If you’ve seen … Continue reading
Malibu Vineyards Influences Shangri-Las Vegas We love our friends!  We love our wines!  We love our friends that make wine!  I’m a former resident of Malibu, California and still have some amazing friends who reside there.  Irene and Jim Palmer, owners of Malibu Vineyards, invited … Continue reading
Eating Less, Enjoying More: Does enjoying mealtime equate to eating to eating less?  Does your environment affect how much you eat? In a recent article on, Kimberly Friedmutter explains how eating a meal in a stressful environment can lead to overeating.  “Anyplace there’s … Continue reading
Advisor’s Corner – Blue Hair (If You Dare) What a  sense of style!  Everyone has that one friend who always dares to be different.  Well, Brad and I have that friend too.  Her name is Anne and she designs the most super fabulous and delicious jewels on the … Continue reading
Loop 21: Why Celebrity Post-Pregnancy Weight-Loss Stories Suck Do you fall victim to the pressures of appearing perfect?  Celebrities, most of all, feel this burden especially after giving birth. Recently, Mrs. Friedmutter talks about new mothers and weight loss in Loop 21’s November online feature explaining, “A new … Continue reading
Mornings at Shangri-Las Vegas I love our kitchen and I want you to love yours too! It’s one of the first places I visit in the morning and it helps to set the tone for the day.  The aromas of freshly brewed coffee or … Continue reading
Vegas Magazine: Brad & Kimberly Friedmutter Help Support Opportunity Village Brad & Kimberly Friedmutter were among the supporters to help friends Bonnie and Frank Martin raise money for their local favorite charity, Opportunity Village, at their 12th annual barbecue charity event at their Las Vegas home, Bitter Boot Ranch. Opportunity … Continue reading
Bungalow in the City Oh how I love Florida!  Hookas, palm fronds, futons! We love the Delano Hotel but stay various places depending on the “vacay” agenda.  So I took this photo while I was staying in Florida because this is a prime example … Continue reading
Rodeo Visits Shangri-Las Vegas Hey everyone, get your cowgirl on!  When I first moved to Las Vegas from Texas, I was surprised to see just how “Texan” this place really is.  Recently we met some wonderful “down home” folks at the Miss Kitty’s Jeans … Continue reading
The Building of Shangri-Las Vegas Shangri-Las Vegas was built in a relatively short period of time.  Our home was ‘just’ finished on the day of our wedding!  That’s actually how we chose our special date, knowing that the landscapers would be working until the day … Continue reading
How To Calm Pre-Meeting Jitters on Do you get nervous before an important meeting or big event?  In this recent article on, Kimberly Friedmutter offers expert advice on how to calm your nerves before entering the boardroom. Kimberly advices: “Take a few moments before you head … Continue reading
The Grindstone- Why Women Should Never Use The Girly Voice At Work Do you know someone who uses that young “girly” voice in the workplace? Recently, Mrs. Friedmutter explains why using a baby voice in the workplace may bring about the exact opposite results that a woman is wanting.  “Baby talk worked … Continue reading
We Lounge and We Love It When your treat yourself kindly, you treat others kindly!  When you feel good about yourself, you feel good about others.  While decorating may seem like a somewhat superficial way to gain self esteem, it’s really not.  There is an interesting … Continue reading
Bird’s Eye View of Luxury in Malibu There are many places on the planet that are inspirational and Malibu, California is one of them.  We love Malibu!  We love it because the feeling of Malibu lingers in our minds and hearts long after we leave.  It’s the … Continue reading
How Romance Can Ruin Your Finances Can romance affect your bottom line?  According to internationally-acclaimed Life Management Expert, Kimberly Friedmutter, when it comes to wooing the right lady, stretching your resources to the limit could be wise. In this article from, Kimberly gives advice on … Continue reading
You Light Up My Life If you love our kitchen chandeliers, so did I when we first saw them hanging in a funky store in South Beach.  It’s not Brad’s style to buy ‘off the rack’- my super talented husband has a lot of lighting … Continue reading
Wedding Fantasy- Luxury Magazine Luxury Magazine called it a “Wedding Fantasy”. As Luxury Magazine writes, “When the groom is a brilliant international architect, the bride is a clinical hypnotist and mental health consultant to celebrities worldwide, and they’re married at their spectacular hilltop manse, Shangri-Las-Vegas in Henderson, … Continue reading
Outdoor Spaces We spend a lot of time on this pod.  We lounge; we chat; we hang!  When you can spend time outside, you’re happier or more carefree.  It’s a natural thing to do when it’s comfortable.  Everyone enjoys throwing a blanket … Continue reading
Be Inspired By a Picture Brad and I have a best friend by the name of Sid Dinow, who is a true visionary.  Sid created a haven in Costa Rica, Los Suenos, which is now for sale!  This sanctuary was inspired by a horseback ride … Continue reading
Comfort & Style at Shangri-Las Vegas It’s a funny thing, comfort.  Some people believe that all things comfortable must look that way!  Not so, says, Pearl, my best friend in the world and perhaps the world’s best lounger on all things comfortable!  Your pets just might … Continue reading
Jane Seymour Event Brad and I love few things more than spending time with great friends.  Sharing dreams and inspirations with harmonious people is one of the great joys in life. One such time was a weekend spent with friends, Karen and Carl Hagelman, … Continue reading
Kimberly Friedmutter - Malibu times Malibu Times: Kimberly and Brad Friedmutter Wed In a recent article, Malibu Times announces the wedding of longtime Malibu resident and Life Management Expert, Kimberly Stevens to Brad Friedmutter, a world-renowned architect and designer.
Engaged in NYC It’s a funny thing, engagements.  I always marvel when the man asks the woman to marry him and she is completely shocked by his proposal.  I think it’s wonderful and I love surprises!  Should a marriage proposal be one of … Continue reading
Cher and Kimberly Friedmutter Kimberly Friedmutter and Cher California girls at heart, both Cher and Kimberly Friedmutter share a love of Malibu!    
The Cosmopolitan Grand Opening As a world-renowned architect, Brad Friedmutter is responsible for much of the Las Vegas Strip skyline.  In late 2010, the Friedmutter Group‘s recent shining accomplishment, The Cosmopolitan, celebrated its grand opening as the new gem in Las Vegas.     … Continue reading
Platinum Circle Award The Platinum Circle Award is an accolade honoring achievement within the hospitality design industry.  This year’s ceremony honored influential visionaries in the Las Vegas community including Steve Wynn who received the Manfred Steinfield Humanitarian Award.   As one of the … Continue reading
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