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Kimberly Stevens

Kimberly Stevens, formerly now Kimberly Friedmutter

Beauty is all around. This is a lifelong lesson and quest- to appreciate, find, and create beauty in all the spaces that fill our lives.

Born and raised in Texas, growing up there was a lot of emphasis on beauty and surroundings.  San Antonio is a beautiful historic town, blending history with progressive vision beginning with our pride and joy, the Riverwalk.

At the age of 14, I began modeling in New York and Europe.  The experience was invaluable and I believe I was the only model to spend her earnings on artifacts and home goods.  I’m an old soul and appreciate the sanctity of my living space.  Perhaps because I was living in various apartments across Europe, I developed a sense of home wherever I was simply by filling the spaces with beautiful collectibles.

My gift helping others as a Life Management Expert bloomed when I developed, wrote and hosted a hit talk radio program on KLSX 97.1 FM Los Angeles. It was then that I discovered Hypnosis and furthered my education in California.  That work progressed into a highly developed intuition and unspoken sense of what is going on with people when they are out of balance.  My gifts are a perfect complement to those who are in the care of a licensed psychologist, psychiatrist or medical doctor.



Kimberly Stevens marries Brad Friedmutter

While living in Malibu, I met my husband Brad Friedmutter, an internationally renowned architect, who had been living single in Las Vegas for many years.  We share so many of the same sensibilities and most importantly we have a lot of fun together!  Brad has designed integrated casino resorts for many years as both the architect and interior designer, and is responsible for much of the city’s distinct skyline  as seen in his most recent project, The Cosmopolitan.  With his technical and artistic talents and my knowledge of emotional responses to stimulus, our home interior offerings are a perfect blend of our past and future life together.

Since moving to Nevada, I’m using my work history to help people develop a sense of spacial comfort in their homes.  It has been so important for Brad and I to have a sanctuary space to call home and I feel the difference in our relationship from having created this ‘nest’ together.  When we entertain guests, they claim an overwhelming sense of peace, calm and rejuvenation.  This is by design, not by accident.  Our dream is to have anyone who wants that feeling to experience it in their own homes.





Shangri-Las Vegas

Shangri-Las Vegas

Shangri-Las Vegas

Our home is a true Shangri-La in the desert!  Brad and I have an affinity for tropical destinations so decided to make our everyday experience, exactly that!  We both believe in finding your ‘happy’ and that starts at home- from the furnishings you select, to the friends you select to enjoy your space.  Our home, Shangri-Las Vegas, has a reverent, monastic, quality and is like a temple to the senses.  We want others to enjoy the dramatic nuances of comfortable imported pieces both small and large.  Furnishings, like all things carry energy with them.  We value the temperance and luxury of our collection.


Whether I’m helping others through my success as a life management mentor, traveling throughout the world with my husband, Brad, inspiring others through my Shangri-Las Vegas Home Collection or lounging by the pool in Buddha Falls with my beloved pets, my philosophy is still the same…. expect the exceptional.

Kimberly Friedmutter




Much Love and Light,

Kimberly Friedmutter

Pearl “Chi Chi” Friedmutter

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