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Kimberly on Work Ethic -  Get your dose of work ethic from Kimberly Friedmutter.  She shares her opinions with readers who are looking to expand out of their current workplace. Read full article
Why You Should Go Without Makeup - Kimberly Friedmutter’s expert advice on Why You Should Go Without Makeup.  Her advice might just surprise you.  Be inspired to have clean and healthy skin because according to Kimberly, beauty is far beyond skin deep! Read the post.
OK Magazine Pre-Grammy Party at Lure Nightclub - Kimberly Friedmutter, Adrienne Maloof, Gretchen Rossi and Joyce Giraud play all night at Lure Nightclub in Hollywood. Adrienne brought her latest endeavor Zing to the party and the ‘lit’ bottle is really something to see! The girls love to get … Continue reading
Kimberly classifies Justin Bieber as a ‘MediaHolic’ - “Justin Beiber is a mediaholic,” says celebrity management expert Kimberly Friedmutter. ”Attention seeking is a common problem for extroverts and a growing problem for Justin. He was the first and biggest overnight tech star. A product of social media, he’s addicted to ‘instant … Continue reading
Pre-Grammy party at Lure nightclub - While Brad and Slade are checking out each other’s latest tech gadgets, Kimberly and Gretchen catch up on girlie girl things.  Kimberly and Gretchen enjoy sharing video’s each week on so check out ‘Think Like a Star with Kimberly … Continue reading
Pre-Grammy Party with Joanna Krupa - Black is back as the girls show some skin and diamond skulls.  Jordan Sparks sang, entertaining the crowd of entertainers. “It’s a fun night when you can just relax and play with the girls” said Kimberly. “It’s like a little … Continue reading
Kimberly’s insights on men and divorce - Women Listen Up!  Kimberly shares her latest relationship advice with Womans Day Magazine.  Check out her insights on men and divorce.  
Kimberly Friedmutter - Bethenny Show Kimberly Friedmutter Dishes with Bethenny about “Getting What You Want” - Viewers tuned in today to the Bethenny Show to hear Life Management Expert & Celebrity Hypnotist, Kimberly Friedmutter, discuss the hot topic of marrying for money along with Millionaire Matchmaker, Patti Stanger. Is marrying for money smart or just a … Continue reading
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