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Kimberly Friedmutter, Kimberly Stevens, Brad Friedmutter Jet Set Architect Brad Friedmutter Revving up for a busy year of good fortune! Non-stop travel becomes a way of life when you meet the opportunity with dedication and integrity. Brad discusses his philosophies, what makes him grateful and the immense respect he has for … Continue reading
Kimberly on LeaBlackInk: Gorgeous on the Inside If you want to enhance your health and glow from the inside out, try this recipe from Indonesia straight from the medicine man himself, Ketut Liyer of Eat, Pray, Love! Kimberly spent valuable time with her guru while visiting Bali … Continue reading
Narsie On! Kimberly Friedmutter ‘Narsie’, the New Term for Posting Selfies on Social Media Kimberly coined the term ‘Narsie’ for posted selfies on social media. Learn why narcissism is healthy when it comes to sharing your selfies with the world. You’ll be surprised to know what your ‘narsies’ really mean and why you shouldn’t … Continue reading
Kimberly Friedmutter Kimberly’s Interview with – Fitness Insights from a Life Management Hypnotist If you’ve ever wanted to know how to get your mind ‘on board’ to meet your fitness goals, Kimberly gives her insights into mindset and staying fit. Learn from her tricks of the trade about what can keep you both … Continue reading
Kimberly Friedmutter Kimberly on LeaBlackInk: The Beautiful State of ‘Who knows’? Kimberly explains why ‘certainty’ goes against her basic advice! If you’ve ever ended a relationship or friendship because of information you thought you knew, think again! Kimberly opens us up to other notables who share how damaging, certainty can be. … Continue reading
Manage Wedding-Planning Stress Kimberly contributes to Brides magazine with counsel as a certified master hypnotist and life management expert. She shares a proven technique for managing stress and advice for applying it during stress-inducing times that inevitably occur while planning your wedding: Wedding … Continue reading
Kimberly Friedmutter Kimberly on LeaBlackInk: Rebooting Friendville As the new year approaches, Kimberly shares an empowering perspective on navigating friends, frenemies and foes. Read about what she calls Friendville and let her open your mind to choosing friends who can elevate you: Surprisingly, like holiday deco balls, … Continue reading
Kimberly on LeaBlackInk: The Best Vacation You’ll Never Take! Kimberly shares inspiration for reclaiming your space and bringing balance back to yourself on LeaBlackInk. Read her article to regain perspective during this hectic holiday season and realign with your inner motivations. Learn how a staycation can elevate you and … Continue reading
Support from Your Friends Kimberly Friedmutter, Life Management Expert, shares valuable information about getting help from friends when you need it most. Find out how to engage your support circle during life’s challenges in a healthy and helpful way. Read more at American Grandparents … Continue reading
Kimberly shares expertise on LeaBlackInk – Holiday ‘Piece of Mind’ Kimberly writes another article for the LeaBlackInk Beauty, Lifestyle, and Fashion website. Kimberly writes: Here come the Holidays! Perhaps you refer to them as Hell-idays? Waves of responsibility, end-of-year deadlines, super human expectation to act as Captain, navigating everyone’s fun ship … Continue reading
Kimberly Friedmutter Featured in LeaBlackInk: Feeling Jealous? Say ‘thank you!’ Kimberly shares insight weekly on the LeaBlackInk website. Kimberly writes “In the ever-evolving state of ‘I want’, aspirations are primal. Do you find yourself wanting to do more; be more; feel more? Great news! Your natural drive is activated to achieve … Continue reading
What’s in Your Bag? Featuring Kimberly Kimberly Friedmutter, hypnotist and consultant to Hollywood’s A-list. On the go, Kimberly’s bag is her connection to comfort even with something furry! A creature of comfort herself, she makes her mark on the world by hypnotizing the rich and famous … Continue reading
The Single Life: 6 Scientifically Proven Perks Of Being Single And Ready To Mingle Although singledom can feel lonesome and boring as you repeatedly watch rom-coms in hopes of finding the same perfect ending, being single and ready to mingle has a long list of scientifically proven benefits. Find out what expert Kimberly Friedmutter … Continue reading
Thinking About Divorce? 3 Important MUST DO’s Before Taking the Plunge Kimberly’s advice on separation and divorce from her published article on Like millions of Americans, you find you are unhappily married and ready to file for divorce or legal separation. Not uncommon and growing in numbers, divorce takes its … Continue reading
Kimberly explains driver’s ‘animal behavior’ related to road rage Road rage is caught on camera more often and drivers are reacting violently when necessary. Did you ever wonder what to do when a driver goes crazy? Is it better to aggress or retreat? Find out what expert Kimberly Friedmutter … Continue reading

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